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River Birch Newman

A brand new wealth management firm aiming to democratise financial advice and make it accessible to all, regardless of their background.

The Brief

River Birch Newman sought to establish a strong brand presence from scratch, particularly on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Their ambitions included:

  • Rapid growth of their following on social media to establish brand authority.
  • Development and utilisation of videography and photography to bolster brand identity.
  • Effective planning and execution of a launch event, enhancing company and director profiles.
River Birch Newman


At B7, we embarked on a comprehensive social media strategy for River Birch Newman, specifically targeting LinkedIn for exponential follower growth.

Our creative team produced high-quality videography and photography, creating a visual narrative that perfectly captured the essence of their brand.

This cohesive strategy was instrumental in the successful planning and execution of their launch event, significantly boosting both company and director brand profiles.

River Birch Newman


“Our collaboration with B7 has been a game-changer for our brand and online presence. Their management of our LinkedIn profile alone has grown our following by an astounding 800%, setting new standards for our digital engagement.

The videography and photography produced by B7 have become central to our brand strategy, enabling us to showcase our company and director brands with unmatched quality. Moreover, their support in planning our launch event, from director presentations to the company brochure, has been invaluable.

B7 continues to propel River Birch Newman into new heights of market visibility and brand strength and we’re excited to partner with them in the long term.”

  • Richard Hogg, Co-Founder, River Birch Newman

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River Birch Newman

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