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McCormack Partners

A global leader in recruiting top talent in the roofing sector, enabling roofing contractors to spend time on their business, not in it.

The Brief

McCormack Partners aimed to become the leading recruitment authority across international roofing markets but faced challenges in standing out within a competitive landscape. They needed a marketing strategy that not only differentiated them but also made business development efforts more efficient.

Key objectives included:

  • Enhancing both personal and company brands in the international roofing markets.
  • Transforming cold outreach into warm conversations through effective marketing.
  • Ensuring all marketing materials were professional and consistent across platforms.
McCormack Partners


Understanding McCormack Partners’ unique position in the market was crucial.

We tailored a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on amplifying their brand voice and story across all channels.

We initiated a full overhaul of their social media and customer-facing documentation, infusing brand consistency and professionalism.

By elevating their brand presence, we significantly eased the business development process, transforming the way they engage with potential clients and industry peers.

McCormack Partners


“As the CEO of McCormack Partners, I have been blown away with the comprehensive marketing support we’ve received from B7.

They have seamlessly become our fully outsourced marketing arm, making business development smoother by transforming cold calls into warm introductions. Their expertise not only provides exceptional value for money, but their efforts in developing and amplifying our personal and company brands have positioned us at the forefront of the international roofing markets.

From social media strategy to customer-facing documentation, B7’s strategic approach and creative execution have been pivotal in our brand’s success and market leadership.”

  • Luke McCormack, CEO, McCormack Partners.

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