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The Brief

Fintegrate had outsourced their marketing in the past, but didn’t see the results that they needed. B7 were brought in to ensure that any marketing activity made a tangible impact on the business, including;

  • Generating new leads in the form of demo bookings
  • Growing brand-awareness on LinkedIn
  • Improving all client and investor facing brand assets


At B7 we’re always looking to deliver results so understanding Fintegrate’s business goals and objectives was key in order for us to build impactful solutions.

We focussed our attention on developing an effective email marketing campaign to reach their target audience, ensuring we tell the story of Fintegrate, why it exists and who it is designed to help.

We know that those potential users will do their research, so we ensure that both the Fintegrate website and social content mirror the same story and address the same pain points, ensuring brand consistency across multiple channels.

We also redesigned company documents and brochures to ensure brand consistency and to breathe life and colour into data-heavy assets.



As CEO of Fintegrate, I’ve witnessed first hand the monumental impact B7 has had on our growth and digital presence. Their expertise in crafting and implementing our email marketing strategy has significantly increased demo bookings, directly influencing our sales funnel and sales income.

B7’s management of our social media, particularly LinkedIn, has skyrocketed our following by over 300%, while their design work on all customer-facing brochures and sales presentations has elevated our brand’s professionalism.

The videography services provided have been nothing short of transformative, enhancing our storytelling and market engagement. B7 have become a cornerstone of our marketing success.

  • Gurdit Singh, CEO, Fintegrate.

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