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Eagles Community Foundation

The Eagles Community Foundation is the cornerstone of the local community, not just in Newcastle but across the North East, growing levels of sustainable basketball participation.

The Brief

The Eagles Community Foundation aimed to significantly expand its social media presence, enhancing the visibility of its academy, community programs, and various partnerships.

The goal was to connect more deeply with their audience, showcasing the foundation’s impact, the academy’s progress, and celebrating the achievements within their community.

Eagles Community Foundation


To achieve these ambitious goals, we developed a targeted social media strategy across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok, each chosen for its unique demographic reach and engagement potential. Our content strategy included:

  • Diverse Content Selection: Focusing on academy results, player stories, national call-ups, significant achievements, and community project highlights.

  • Platform-Specific Posting: Leveraging TikTok and Instagram for younger audiences with dynamic vertical videos of academy games and training moments, while using LinkedIn for corporate-focused stories about community impact and partnerships. This has seen audience growth of 46% in February alone.

  • Engagement-Driven Approach: Tailoring content to the platform demographics ensured that each message resonated with its intended audience, maximising reach and engagement.
Eagles Community Foundation


“B7 has been a transformational partner for the Newcastle Eagles Foundation.

As a charity dedicated to inspiring and empowering young people through basketball and community outreach, our goals are ambitious. They understand the depth of our mission and come to the table with an unparalleled commitment to our success.

Their strategic marketing consultancy has been instrumental in expanding our reach, elevating our brand, and engaging with the community on a deeper level. Through creative storytelling and data-driven strategies, B7 has not only helped us communicate our mission effectively but has also propelled us to reach new heights.

B7 has been more than a consultancy; they have become integral to our success story, helping us inspire and impact lives across the North East.”

  • Sam Blake, CEO, Eagles Community Foundation.

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