Introducing B7 2.0

By Phil Duggan

Director of Marketing

Phil is our Director of Marketing and, like David, is a family man who finds inspiration in music, podcasts, and the world of literature.

The new-look B7 brand identity is finally out there in the wild and both David and I can’t wait for this next chapter of B7.

From the very first time I spoke with David about B7 at the beginning of 2023, I could feel how much passion he injected into the B7 brand, and after finally coming on board last August I quickly realised how much B7 meant to his clients, friends, fellow founders and the wider business community across the UK – and in particular in the North East.

So it was always on my radar to inject that same energy into a new visual identity for B7.

I’d like to think that energy translates perfectly with our new look.

Along with our new identity comes our brand new website, one which we know will help drive the future of B7 and support our ambitious plans.

Like most websites, we’ll be adding more and more features to better support our clients, both new and existing, as well as providing news and insights into our world and the wider marketing landscape.

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